Outdoor Octagon Rabbit Run Cage with Sun Protection Net Cover

Are you looking for a simple and affordable outdoor rabbit run cage? Then this article will give you a complete overview of a perfect outdoor rabbit cage that is spacious enough to house your rabbit and is well worth your money. A cage that ensures your pets remain safe in your absence and will be easy to move around in the garden without any difficulty.

Let’s get started in this article as I give my experience with this cage.


The process of assembling this rabbit cage is as easy enough that it can be done by almost anyone. It’s as easy as just setting up the galvanised wire-like element into an octagon shape. You then just need to place it firmly on the ground, using pegs to hold it in place. This ensures that your rabbit will not be able to move it when it gets all excited.

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It will then just be a case of using the plastic roof cover supplied with it, to protect your rabbit and small pet animals from sunlight or predators. This helps protect your rabbit from rain or direct sunlight, while outdoors.

I found the plastic roof cover handy to have as well because I could set a bowl of water on it without worrying about it spilling all over my pet rabbits.

Key Features

The rabbit cage enclosure is made up of 8 panels of 60 by 60 cm. There’s also a panel with an opening door allowing your pets easy access. On the upside, this enclosure can be used indoors as well as outdoor gardens. For those planning on using this rabbit cage in their gardens, it comes coated with a non-toxic protective film preventing it from any corrosion.

To hold the rabbit cage in place, long drop pins are used to peg it into the ground for garden use. It also comes with a free safety net, ideal for preventing rodents from jumping over and gives ideal protection against birds of prey and cats. The sealed part of the net helps to protect from the sun.

The flexibility of this rabbit cage is more apparent in its sizing. You can reduce the pen size or get additional panels to extend the pen and make it large enough to house an additional rabbit.

The galvanised elements are all-weather and resistant to the rodents. The rabbit cage is easy to set up, with most homeowners able to set it up in just a few seconds.

When not in use, it can be completely folded flat and stored away.

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  • It has a large run area, ideal for energetic rabbits.
  • It is easy to assemble and set up
  • Can be used indoors with the floor protection in place.
  • The rabbit cage is easy to move from one area to another as it is lightweight.
  • The relative low cost of purchase Cost-efficient


  • Without getting additional panels, the space will usually be suitable for one rabbit or two small pets
  • The cage is lightweight for a reason. So it cannot be used during extreme weather

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Final Thoughts on Outdoor Octagon Rabbit Run Cage

This s a quality and practical rabbit cage that I would recommend, as it does deliver on value for money. It remains properly enclosed to ensure your pet rabbit remains safe when outdoors.

It can withstand sudden changes in weather as it is held down to the ground using the pegs, but not ideal for extreme stormy weather conditions.

The roof cover is also ideal to have as it means that your pet will have a shade to hide on during a hot sunny day, and it will be protected from other dangers such as predators. The cage can be moved around in the garden.

If you are looking for a rabbit cage that is simple and will be easy to move around or fold anytime, then this Outdoor Octagon rabbit run cage is for you.

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