How Long Can Rabbits Go Without Water

It goes without saying that a rabbit that either stops eating or drinking water is in grave danger. Keeping your pets hydrated, in particular, is essential for your pet’s survival. If there is no regular access to fresh drinking water, your pets will likely suffer the consequences of dehydration.

So how long can rabbits go without water? Going a whole day, that is, 24 hours, without drinking water or any healthy liquid, will be lethal for almost all rabbits, irrespective of its breed. Not drinking anything at all can cause complete and total failure of vital organs. As pet owners who care deeply for our pets, most especially our rabbits, we should not hesitate to take action at the first warning signs of dehydration in our rabbits, especially during the summer periods.

If your pet rabbit is refusing to drink water, then you should find out why. Observe its behaviour very closely and it will most likely reveal the reason it’s not drinking water. This reluctancy to drink water may be due to a problem with the drinking bowl or bottle. It’s possible that the rabbit may not like the smell of the water, or it may just as well be a dental problem. Whatever the reason, make sure you resolve it because rabbits need water to survive.

How to Get a Rabbit to Drink Water

If you have noticed that your pet rabbit is reluctant to drink water, resolving this issue should be your top priority as you don’t want a dehydrated rabbit on your hands. Basically your utmost concern would be how to get some fluids, including water into your pet rabbits. Here are some techniques you can try to accomplish this daunting feat:


  1. Try using water bowls in place of bottles or alternatively switch from bottles to water bowls.
  2. Properly clean all water bowls or bottles so that they have no smell or smell neutral.
  3. Some rabbits may show no interest in drinking tap water, what you do instead is purchase bottled water or you purify the already existing tap water.
  4. Use tasty additives when feeding your pet rabbits water. This makes the water more appealing and encouraging to drink.

The last point should only be used when there are no available options to use. It is seen as a failsafe technique. Typically, what you do when mixing the water with additives is; If you notice your rabbit refuses to drink liquids or water, add small quantities of unsweetened fruit juice (additives) into the drinking water of your rabbits and then observe their reactions.

If they start to show interest in the water then it is a good sign that your evil plan is working😈😂.

Use additives like an apple or carrot juice sweeteners. They usually work almost every time. As soon as your rabbits start to drink again carefully and gradually stop the addition of these additional juices into the water. With time, these rabbits will ultimately adapt to drinking normal table or tap water.

Although, be very careful when using additives as a rehabilitation technique. If you are not, you may end up right back where you started, which is obviously not a good thing. Your rabbit may very well stop drinking water altogether and may begin to hold out for more water mixed with these sweeteners. Also, before attempting to use these sweeteners, make sure that you are aware of the clear difference between sugar-free and unsweetened juice.

The latter which is unsweetened juice, will usually only consist of naturally-occurring sugars. When they are given to our pet rabbits in small doses and not on a regular basis, it can be a very good treat for them. We usually give them to our rabbits in small doses because sometimes a juice that is marketed as sugar-free may occasionally contain trace amounts of toxic artificial sweeteners

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How long can rabbits go without water in the cold

In those cold months, you will observe that your rabbits tend to drink fewer liquids. Do not be frightened about this as it is perfectly normal, you basically have absolutely nothing to worry about when this happens. As long as your rabbit still drinks a considerable amount of water to stay hydrated and keep the body system running, then be rest assured that your pet is safe and healthy.

However if you must know how long your rabbits can go without water during winter, the 24-hour rule still applies. Rabbits still need water even if it is cold outside. Just like any other animal, your pet will go dehydrated without water, leading to serious consequences.

One advantage of owning rabbits as pets is that their thick fur coat helps keep them warm during cold seasons, but it doesn’t help with their dehydration problems. They are living things and just like any living thing they need water to function properly.

How long can pet rabbits go without water

As I have said before, the 24-hour rule still stands, your pet rabbit cannot go longer than 24 hours (1 day) without drinking water. In situations where the weather is particularly hot, this time frame becomes way shorter. Ideally, there is literally no limit to how much water you can give your pets, just as how the importance of water to your pets cannot be stressed enough. Your pets will definitely die of dehydration without it.

There is a huge difference when your rabbits have ‘no water’ and when they have ‘some water.’ This 24-hour period discussed here has to do with a rabbit not drinking any water at all. A pet rabbit drinking little amounts of water, but not necessarily enough, is not quite the same as one that doesn’t drink any water at all and also it is not as immediately precarious.

In summary, if your rabbits don’t drink water at all, the situation must be looked into and corrected. Dehydration will only occur when the rabbits have no access to enough water. If you notice that your pet is reluctant to drink water, find out what prompted such resistance and correct it, otherwise, the rabbit will soon become unwell and die of dehydration.

How long can baby rabbits go without water

When nurturing our baby rabbits, it is important to give them water during each feeding. In addition to the formula and solid foods, you should consider giving your baby rabbits water. The presence of this water can help keep them hydrated and feeding properly. Baby rabbits do not last long without water, some may not live to see the next day if dehydration occurs.

They are babies so they need water to maintain proper health and stay alive. They will not last as long as a day like some rabbits when they are dehydrated. They need water for their survival. When feeding this baby bunnies water, try not to leave a deep dish in the litter box because these baby bunnies can drown in deep dishes filled with water.

The best thing to do is to fill a shallow dish with little amounts of water and place it at the corner of the box.

Always make sure to clean and refill the water dish as often as possible. This will not only keep your rabbits hydrated but also help you make certain that the water does not contain any bacteria.