How Fast Can Rabbits Run? Wild And Pet Rabbits Speeds.

Rabbits are adorable and lovely creatures, and so, they make great pets for many people, including families with children. They can also run pretty fast for their sizes, and this quality enables them to evade predators. At this point you may be wondering how fast rabbits run – well you are about to find out!

How Fast Can Rabbits Run? Wild And Pet Rabbits Speeds.

How Fast Can Rabbits Run?

There are different rabbit species, and each one runs at a different speed,each one runs at a different speed, with the jackrabbit being the fastest of them all. The average speed at which rabbits run is from 25 mph to 45 mph, with jackrabbits being able to run as far as 45 mph.

Slower rabbit breeds such as the snowshoe hare will run at about 27 mph which is equivalent to 43kmh. For domestic bunnies, the average speed at which they run is 25 mph to 30 mph.

This ability to run very fast is especially common in wild rabbits because they face more predators, and they need to be able to get away from these predators very quickly if they are to survive.

Even though domestic rabbits are generally not as fast as their wild counterparts, they are still fast when compared to humans.

However, rabbits are sprinters, and so, they cannot run for very long. Most times, when they run at full speed, they do so to escape from danger, and as soon as they are safe from the threat, they will look for shelter.

How Fast Can Rabbits Run? Wild And Pet Rabbits Speeds.

Why Should Rabbits Be Able To Run Fast?

The ability of rabbits to run fast is essential in helping them escape predators. They have many natural predators, including badgers, foxes, dogs, coyotes, wolves and many other animals, especially in the wild. Some birds, such as eagles and owls also prey on both wild and domestic rabbits, which is why you should make sure that your rabbit is safe enough from predators at home.

Luckily enough, bunnies have bodies which are made for running very fast and enabling them to escape from threats. For instance, they have strong, long and well-muscled back legs that help them to get away as fast as possible from danger. You may have noticed how fast rabbits can be when your pet is trying to escape you handling it.

You may see one around and then, in the twinkling of an eye, it is gone. A factor that may stop rabbits from reaching their usual speeds is the fact that they run in zigzag patterns. In addition to running, rabbits use biting and kicking as defence mechanisms if they are captured.


How Fast Can Rabbits Run? Wild And Pet Rabbits Speeds.

What Are Some Other Defence Mechanisms Of Rabbits?

A rabbit’s first instinct when it notices a predator is usually to run and hide. Apart from running to escape predators, rabbits have other means with which they use to avoid animals that may want to feed on them.

For instance, they have a very keen sense of smell. Therefore, they can smell a predator even when it is not yet close to them. Their senses of smell also enable them to sniff out mates, or friends.

Apart from having excellent senses of smell, rabbits also have excellent hearing senses, and so they can easily hear movements and take action. They have large ears which do not only pick out sounds clearly but are also able to swivel. This means that the rabbit will be able to hear in all directions.

Again, rabbits have sharp eyesight with which they can easily see what is going on in their surroundings. They can see in nearly 360 degrees, and since their eyes are located on both sides of their heads, they can see in all directions.

On noticing a predator, a rabbit will immediately freeze in place and will try to blend in with its surroundings to escape the notice of the animal. If this action does not work, the bunny will run away in a zigzag pattern to get away from the animal that is pursuing it. If all fails and the predator catches it, the bunny will fight back by kicking and scratching as a last resort.


Rabbits are very fast for their sizes, and the average speed at which they can run is between 25 mph to 45 mph. Generally, wild rabbits can run faster than domestic ones, since they are adapted to frequently running in the wild to escape danger.

Rabbits, even the slowest breeds can run faster than human beings and some other animals that are larger than they are. Since they are prey animals, this ability to run very fast is advantageous to them as it enables them to run and evade predators.

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