Best Two Tier Indoor Rabbit Cages, 4 Great Options

Rabbits can make wonderful pets but it is necessary to house them in an extremely spacious and comfortable space/ environment. Rabbits are the type of animals that you would want to keep indoors – especially on hot days.

A lot of rabbit owners keep their pets indoors and there are a number of perfect cages that will make for good use. Below is a quick comparison of the best two tier indoor rabbit cage options based on quality, user ratings and practicality.

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When it comes to deciding on the rabbit hutch for you and your pet, there are different types to choose from. There are the standard rabbit hutches and the multi-level cages.  Doubling or trebling the size of your rabbit’s cage also reduces the problem of taking up space.

There are a few things to be aware of when looking for these kinds of cages though. A two-tier cage will not suit every rabbit, especially large rabbits as they will find it uncomfortable to navigate ramps. So it is one thing to be aware of when thinking of getting a two-tier indoor cage.

If the single level of your cage is too small, then that your bunny will not be able to stretch out easily. There might also be no room for toys, leading to the rabbit hutch becoming extremely cramped and uncomfortable, despite having a second level.

On the other hand, if the cage is spacious and can house your rabbit on a single level, then an extra level is going to be a great way to add additional space. A handy option to have if you ever plan on putting your rabbits outdoors.

In this article, there’s a compilation of the best two-tier indoor cages for your rabbits based on features, prices, durability and a host of other factors.

  • Rabbit 200 Two Tier Rabbit Cage

This cage made by Ferplast is a twin level rabbit home to keep your pets indoors whilst at the same time keeping the space of a conventional hutch.

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It comes complete with a removable base tray for easy cleaning and two plastic hay racks to keep food from the ground and help keep your cage clean.

It also has two plastic feeding bowls and a water bottle. There is also a plastic ladder between levels.

This cage cannot be considered a permanent home, as rabbits need to be frequently let out for a regular run and exercises. Also, this cage is suitable for dwarf rabbits only.


  • Budbury Farm Double Rabbit Hutch

This two floors wooden bunny hutch is composed of four doors for easy movement for the rabbit. It is a high-quality cage that your bunny will fall in love with.

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The benefits of using this cage are that first of all, because of the four doors, there is easy movement as earlier mentioned. The double rabbit hutch is easy to clean as it has a plastic tray, that is easy to retrieve and wipe clean.

It can also be locked easily, protecting your pet rabbit from being preyed upon. It is delivered flat packed and is usually easy to deliver.

  • FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch

This is perfect if you have a number of rabbits at home. This is a multi-level rabbit cage consisting of two levels stacked one above the other. On each level is an elevated shelf with an access ramp with no slippery surface.

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This is like a complete rabbit habitat of its own with the cages made of wire mesh that has a half-inch spacing which prevents chew attempts.

There is also space for storing essentials like food dispensers and litter boxes. On each level is a plastic pan bottom to prevent urine or debris from spilling into the bottom level or into the room.

There is also fun in accessorising each cage for your rabbits. If you want your rabbits to enjoy climbing into the other level, then there’s a passage for them to do so.

Also, both layers have a large double door that can be opened to access and clean the cage. This makes this cage one of the easiest cages to clean.

For easy movement, the bottom of the cages come with caster wheels making cleaning easier if you want to do it out of the house.

Other features it has are the height-adjustable shelves which you can move according to how big your rabbits are. The non-slip passage between both levels also reduces the chances of your rabbits sliding down and injuring itself.

  • New 37’’ Homey Pet Open Top Heavy Duty Rabbit Hutch w/Tray

Just as the name indicates, it is indeed a dog kernel used for dogs weighing up to 70lbs and not a rabbit cage. Though it may seem too much for rabbits, it is recommended if you house French lops.

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Its size of 37 inches and 22 inches width makes it perfect for them as they can sprawl with their feet extended as they like to. The Homey Rabbit rabbit cage also has a wire mesh-like every other rabbit cage. This will allow for proper airing and lighting.

The upper level has a top opening design that makes it easy to lift the rabbits out. It also has a floor grid that gives your pet the perfect grip and ensures that furs, droppings and dander can slip through to the removable tray at the bottom. If you so wish, you can put the tray inside the cage instead.

This Homey Rabbit Hutch doesn’t just come as a two-tier rabbit cage. There is also a three-tier version. The best part of all these is that you can separate the tiers and use them as individual cage if you so wish.

The cage also has lockable caster wheels that allow the cage to be easily transported.

How to Buy a Stackable/ Tow Tier Indoor Rabbit Cage

When getting a multilevel rabbit cage, in this case, a two-tier cage, it is necessary that you take all the right precautions. As not everything that looks like the perfect house for your rabbit is necessarily good. This is especially true if you plan on keeping your rabbits outdoors in the cold for short periods of time.

Here are the following factors to keep in mind when purchasing a two-tier cage for your rabbit(s):

  • Access: Ensure that the cage you pick has an opening that allows accessing of its interior.
  • Durability: be sure to know the weight of animals you would be keeping in the cages you buy to ensure durability
  • Space: be sure to get something that will allow your rabbit(s) to be comfortable.
  • Features: be sure to keep in mind that you need space to install some important features like water bowls and feeders in stackable rabbit cages so look out for these when purchasing your next cage.
  • Cleaning: look for cages that have removable pans under each tire. They make cleaning easier.
  • Assembly and disassembly: when buying that cage, you may not take into account the fact that you may spend time assembling. So when buying the best two-tier rabbit cage, look for cages that are easy to assemble. The ones I gave above are easy to assemble.
  • Wheels: an added caster wheel may not be compulsory but it may come in handy for easy movement of the cage.

So that’s all for the best two-tier indoor rabbit cages you can buy. Be sure to bear the above factors in mind when next you go to the market.

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