Best Rabbit Hutch For Two Rabbits

If you have two pet rabbits that are usually housed outdoors all the time, you need to take certain measures to ensure they remain safe and out of harm’s way. Rabbits need space, protection, and hygiene – this becomes more essential when you have two rabbits. They need to have the right living conditions, as well as access to lots of water and food.

So what is the best rabbit hutch for two rabbits? Below is a list of four rabbit hutches that are large enough to fit your rabbits. Spacious rabbit hutches many with dual openings and proper ventilation options.

As rabbits are gregarious animals, it’s always crucial to make sure they don’t feel alone. This is all the more important for outdoor rabbits, as the amount of time spent outdoors means having a bit of company is great. Vets also advocate having rabbits in partnered pairs so they have warmth and company.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best rabbit hutch for two rabbits and identify what makes them work.

PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch

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If you have two rabbits then you should definitely consider the Pawhut Outdoor Triangle Rabbit Hutch as it is a standout in its category. Whether you have pet rabbits or other little pets, this hutch is the perfect option for outdoor safety.

This cage is a wonderful pet residence for small animals who need a roomy environment and secure living, and it’s also easy to set up.

One feature distinguishing this hutch from all the others is the triangular layout. Due to its lightweight nature, the triangular form makes it simple to carry although it is robust and strong. Thanks to the screened walls and ventilation your rabbits will get plenty of clean air. Many small animals enjoy being outside but they also need to feel safe.

Not only does this hutch survive poor weather, but setting up and moving anywhere you like is also quite easy. This rabbit cage has two doorways to open for quick hutch cleaning. One door is at the wired mesh region, and the other at the living space of the cage.



Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

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This Trixie Rabbit Hutch model with its outside run is the perfect house for two rabbits. It is also ans ideal choice for other small pets because many small species like hamsters will have the same attributes.

One great feature incorporated in this hutch is the fact that it has a two-story structure that offers a sufficient amount of playroom for the pets. If your rabbit is bored of playing downstairs she would be able to return for a nap to the top floor.

The design has a sliding door as well as a hatch which gives the owner the ability to limit as much space as required. with the anti-slip ramp cover, the animal has the luxury of playing indoors as well as outdoors whenever she needs to experience the sunlight.

If you’re looking for a tidy-friendly hutch, this one is for you. Keeping basic maintenance in mind, this Trixie hutch has a metal tray which slides out conveniently for routine cleaning purposes.

You can see why this product is the highly-rated, as it is simple and easy to maintain. It is effectively durable construction and comfort on two floors.



Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

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If architects designed rabbit hutches, then it will probably look like the Advantek Rabbit Hutch. It has a gorgeous white and auburn style, loved by plenty of rabbit owners looking for a hutch.

The stilted hutch looks more like a small home, whilst the lower hutch is lined with wired mesh and fixed to a ramp that the rabbit will walk on. Whether you are thinking of putting this in or out of your house, it would definitely fit in perfectly.

Both your rabbits probably dream about enjoying some fresh air while feeling safe and a spot to relax after a long day of playing. The Advantek Rabbit Hutch provides them that. .Your main concern as the pet owner will be to ensure the safety of your rabbits.

Everything the Advantek rabbit hutch is good at.

The Advantek rabbit hutch will give your rabbits an opportunity to lead a healthy and enjoyable outdoor living. The sleeping area will provide a comfortable, easy-to-clean place for your rabbits to relax after a long tough period of playing.

There is also a pull-out tray built into the hutch which makes cleaning it and washing it a convenient task.

If you’re looking to give your furry buddies the ultimate hutch, this Advantek hutch is the ideal match.



Pawhut Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch

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Rabbits, guinea pigs, and even chickens living in the backyard do not stay in disarray. Not only is this high-quality outdoor rabbit hutch awesome, but the price is also great too.

This Pawhut Deluxe Large Rabbit Habitat is all you need to secure your little pets, thus improving your yard’s landscaping. Outdoor structures that are functional and easy on the eyes are difficult to locate with your small animals.

If this is your problem, look no further. This hutch sits flat on the ground instead of a wire flooring, to have natural grass beneath. If you’re getting rabbits, chickens or other small animals, and need a home for them with the ideal price tag, then this is the perfect house.



Rabbit Hutch Buying Guide

There are a number of ways to provide your indoor and outdoor bunnies with a cosy hutch, but finding out what to look for or what to consider before buying one is essential. Remember, the right choice will go a long way toward ensuring your furry friend is happy and healthy.

What is a rabbit hutch: For those who don’t know, a rabbit hutch is a housing unit explicitly made for pets like rabbits. Unlike average cages, rabbit hutches include different areas for eating, sleeping, and socialising. These housing units keep our beloved pets warm and protected from predators. Think of rabbit hutches as a mansion for bunnies!

Rabbit hutches, also known as rabbit pens, come in a wide range of sizes and features. The larger the pen, the more pricey it is. To help in your search for the best rabbit hutch, we are listing down helpful tips and guide to buying rabbit hutch:

1. Type of hatches

Whether you put your hutch indoors or outdoors will influence the type of hutch, you will want to buy. An indoor hutch is a hutch made especially for different kinds of indoor rabbits like the dwarf rabbits. This hutch is more compact compared to an outdoor hutch, so it takes less space and is more portable.

The outdoor hutch is the most common style of all hutches; outdoor hutches can stand the various harsh weather conditions.

It boasts of a run area for rabbits to play, stretch, and also serve as a sleeping area. It’s bigger than an indoor hutch, giving the animals more room to grow and keep your bunnies safe.

2. Style of rabbit hatches

There are three significant styles of rabbit hatches all depending the number of rabbits you want to house

You can get a single hutch, which is a single-level hutch fitted with two compartments. The compartments comprise of a dark, covered sleeping section and another made of open-wire for eating or stretching, ideal for housing one rabbit per time.

Or the double hutch, which includes a two-tiered rabbit compartment that can be used for two to four rabbits. The hutch also comes with internal ladders to allow the rabbits to travel through the double levels.

The Triple Hutch is the highest standard for a rabbit hutch; the triple hutch includes the 3-tiered hutches constructed for three or more rabbits. The hutch features a vast expanse of space for the rabbits to play, sleep, stretch and socialise.

3. Rabbit Hutch size

It needs to have a lot of space to allow your rabbits to make few hops, quick turns, stretch in all directions, and play around standing up on their hind leg without brushing their ears against the roof.

We should also ensure it meets the required rabbit hatch sizes, not considering the space taken by other accessories, including litter trays, rabbit feeders, waterers, and so on.

The weight size and the number of bunnies you have will also determine the size of the hutch you will get since small rabbits will require smaller hutches when compared to medium, large, or giant ones.


Most rabbit owners chose to house their rabbits in ways where they are safe from threats such as extreme weather, pests and plagues. 

A rabbit hutch for two rabbits also helps ensure that your rabbits do not become lonely when you’re not there to do it.

If you do have any other pet animals, then try making sure they are not able to scratch or bite your pet rabbits. A good hutch will go a long way to avoiding this from happening.

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