Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch For 2 Rabbits

If your rabbit pets stay with you at home then it is advisable you get yourself an indoor rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits. Some of the obvious reasons are that it helps to keep the house mess-free and keep the rabbits safe. They are often lightweight enough that they do not damage your home.

There are different types of rabbit hutches that are available on the market – with two-tier rabbit hutches quite popular. Most of them have a uniform design, plastic bottom that prevents the floor from getting dirty from faeces. There are many interesting models that are available on the market.

Below are various researched hundreds of indoor rabbit hutches

Midwest Deluxe Cage

in terms of safety, strengthening, and multi-use this is one of the best. It can be used not only as an indoor but also as an outdoor hutch. That’s why it is considered the best for large bunnies because it offers enough space for your pet rabbit.

MidWest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand, Double Unit, 36 Inches by...
  • Full Width Double Doors Provide Maximum Accessibility for Easy Cleaning & Feeding
  • 1/2 " Horizontal Wire Spacing Allows Pets to Fulfill Their Instinct to Climb & Explore in Secure Environment

It also includes the latest extra plastic base and a plastic base that receives the mess from the rabbit. The main feature of this cage is that it doesn’t have to be disassembled nor the rabbit has to get out of the cage to clean the base. This is made possible because of it’s sliding bottom.

You can easily empty the rabbit hutch because the plastic base slides out from the end of the cage. It has a tubular steel stand with caster wheels do that one can move the cage indoor or outdoor very easy.

There is also a ramp for climbing on the shelf where they get an extra place for playing and rest. This cage is easy to assemble, large and has durable indoor rabbit hutch.


Aivituvin Bunny Hutch with Run

This is the perfect choice when it comes to different size of rabbits. It is less expensive than others, that’s why most people prefer to use it for their rabbits. The indoor rabbit hutch is strong and made up of wireframe and a leak-proof canvas bottom which you can easily wash with hands.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor Bunny Hutch with Run Outdoor Rabbit House...
  • ★ Rabbit hutch with TWO DEEPER pull out tray that won’t leak off and easy-to-clean.
  • ★ 4 wheels to move the rabbit cage easily and quickly. Two of them are brakable to fix well and safe.

It provides a suitable area for your rabbit to play and a divider panel which separates the playing and living area so you can keep at least two rabbits in the hutch.

One thing most people love about this rabbit hutch is that it is easy to move because of its lightweight and multi-access folding top that provides a safe and secure interaction.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

This is one of the best options for your rabbit that offers an interesting indoor time, especially if you want to keep your rabbit in the hutch permanently.

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is a hybrid hutch that has a wire top and a plastic bottom. It provides a safe and comfortable home for your rabbit with its warm and well-ventilated environment.

Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat, X-Large
  • Habitat that provides everything you need for safely housing a small anima
  • The hybrid cage, consisting of an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base, provides a safe, well ventilated and...

It has a balcony with an access ramp where food dish has been secured and you don’t need to keep a separate utensil for your rabbit. The living world deluxe habitat has a drip-proof water bottle and a hay guard. Both of these are located outside the hutch for easy maintenance and for providing more space to your rabbit.

It has a wire door for more accessibility and you can open it easily. You can assemble the indoor rabbit hutch easily by using four easy to use plastic clips.

Kaytee Deluxe Indoor Rabbit Hutch

This is the best indoor rabbit hutch for your pet rabbit. There is enough space (24 × 48 inches) in the cage and it provides a large area for your rabbit to play and rest. It has a strong wire that provides a safe environment for your rabbit.

Kaytee Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story, 48-Inch Wide
  • Extra roomy 2 story living space for outdoor rabbits
  • Made of durable high quality material to withstand the outdoor elements

This indoor hutch also has a deep plastic bottom that helps keep the housing mess-free because they cannot kick any leftover stuff on the floor.

Since it’s lightweight, you can easily move the indoor rabbit hutch without facing any difficulty. There are four available different opening doors that offer effortless cleaning, two available shelves for providing a comfortable place.

This indoor hutch provides not only a food dish but also a water bottle.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor

This is also one of the best choices for your pet rabbit. Most people appreciate it because of its durability and quality. It can also be used as an outdoor hutch and also suitable for playful rabbit because it offers an extra-large area.

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Its indoor hutch comes with six caster wheels that are important in moving the cage from one place to another. A ramp is considered a great option to keep rabbits happy and so they can play on it and climb on the shelf easily and can feel relax.

It’s made up of a wire top and a plastic bottom that is extra-deep so that the dirt may not reach on the floor. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a large and durable cage for your playful rabbit.

MidWest Extra Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch

This indoor hutch provides an interesting indoor time for your pet rabbit. There is a fully opening top door due to which this cage provides easy, safe and effortless interaction with the rabbit.

MidWest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage, #157, 37" x 19" x 20"
  • 37L x 19W x 20H Inches
  • Sets Up Complete in Seconds! NO Tools Needed!

Recent studies have shown that rabbits prefer to live on hard ground. That’s why this cage comes with second level ground. For maintenance, the indoor hutch includes an extra-deep bottom design.

It also has a deep base that helps prevent the floor from becoming dirty. It has an internal surface that is made of plastic, that helps provide your pet rabbit with a clean and healthy habitat. The indoor rabbit hutch has 1-inch wire spacing that is considered the ideal size that provides a safe and secure environment to your rabbit.

The indoor rabbit hutch offers a food dish and a ramp for climbing on the shelf which provides a comfortable place for rest. The caster wheels help you to move the indoor rabbit hutch from one place to another.