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Do Rabbits Need A Hutch?

A rabbit hutch can basically be described as a home for domesticated rabbits. These homes are not just restricted to rabbits as they can often be used to house other small animals as well.

Most rabbit hutches are made using a combination of wood and wire mesh. They also often have leg attachments to keep them off the ground and sometimes have a run included.

The roof type is often dependent on the price range, as some rabbit hutches have felt roofs, while others have shingled roofs.

The key thing is that the rabbit hutch should be a place where your pet rabbit is comfortable and safe, with easy access to fresh air and a run for exercise.

What size of rabbit hutch you opt for depends on the space you have available. For an average sized rabbit, a 5m2 rabbit space should be enough. If the space you have allows your pet rabbit run around comfortably and is a safe haven from sudden changes in weather conditions.

Many modern rabbit hutches have multi levels and runs, allowing your pets space to stay active and healthy.

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How High Should A Rabbit Hutch Be Off the Ground

These are several reasons why you would want to have your rabbit hutch raised to be off the ground.

It is worth noting that when it comes to wild rabbits, there are quite a few activities that help to keep them active. These include foraging for food, running away from predators and burrowing down rabbit holes. Pet rabbits often need a similar amount of exercise to help them remain healthy and stay active.

If you live in a home without space constraints, then the rabbit hutch you should opt for should be sturdy and practical. Especially if you have another rabbit, giving your pet rabbit a companion in its outdoor haven.

The minimum recommended hutch size for 2 rabbits is 6ft x 2ft x 2ft with an attached exercise run of 8ft x 4ft x 2ft. The rabbit hutch should allow your pet rabbits fully stretch and stand up on its hind legs. The width of the rabbit hutch should also allow your rabbit take at least three hops in any direction prior to any obstacle. 

Foxes, cats and dogs are just a few of the predators you will need to protect your pet rabbits from. So deciding on a rabbit hutch that is raised – a minimum of 5 inches above the ground – will help deter these predators.

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